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Art Gallery Open Space


Our Online Art Gallery Supports Artists
while giving 100% to Charity.



Are you an artist that would like to make an art submission for charity?


Looking for a beautiful piece of art? We give 100% of profits to charity

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Check out our calendar for foundations that mean something to you

What We Do & Who We Help

We are healing the world with art, one painting at a time

Hi, I’m Tanya, artist and founder of Artists For Good.  AFG is a full circle non-profit art organization where we support other artists, give collectors & designers the best & most beautiful artwork, and then use 100% of the proceeds to help other charities.  


We created a monthly calendar of causes to help us focus on so many things that the world needs right now, but also to give our artists and our buyers a chance to contribute to what resonates most with them.


Let's Do Good. Together. 

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Giving Their Art to AFG. AFG Selling it to You. You helping Us Heal the World.

Do Good. Be Good. Feel Good. 

AFG Founder and Artist

Featured Artist

Featured Artists Coming Soon

For Information On Being A Featured Artist:  


Online Art Gallery

Browse and Buy Art Online

Heal The World.

Buy Some Art.

Our online art gallery is a collection of extraordinary art and beauty. Browse through our online art gallery that offers everything from fine and decorative arts to modern and contemporary art.

Remember, if you buy art online with us you are helping the world become a better place. We pledge to donate 100% of all proceeds to charities!

A Non-Profit Art Organization

Supporting Causes and Charities

Below is our calendar for foundations that mean something to you! It showcases the schedule for the foundations that we are currently working with! Our list of charities is always growing and we will continue to update them here.

Tanya has personally vetted all charities below

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AFG Monthly Support (12).png
AFG Monthly Support (13).png
AFG Monthly Support (14).png
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Color Paint Palette

"We Make a Living by What

We Do.
We Make a Life by what 
We Give".

- Winston Churchill

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Artists For Good

Who We Are

AFG is a non-profit art organization and charity that gives 100% of the proceeds of art sales to various non-political charities. We base this on a monthly schedule of “causes” giving to various foundations that support that month's cause. 


Artists donate their art and then are selected monthly by a submission committee to be made available to the public.

Do Good. Be Good. Feel Good.

Healing The World.

Do More to Heal the World With Art

Get Involved With Us!

We are so much more than just a simple online art gallery. We are helping to heal the world with every piece of art featured on our website. If you would like to participate with us, there are several ways you can work with us. Whether that be through art submissions, buying art online, or simply donating to our cause, you can help!

Art Submission

Help by Donating Your Art to Sell Online


What We Can Do For You

We strive to help our artists in everyday possible

Our Online Art Gallery


Our online art gallery is like no other. We truly care about our artists, the charities we donate our proceeds to, and of course, those that buy our beautiful artwork.


Join us on this journey, and help us revolutionize this industry and heal the world while we do it! 

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