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Artist Submissions Wanted

What You Should Know About Art Donation and Art Submissions

Artists For Good accepts art donations from talented artists. We feature artists and their artwork on our website. All proceeds are then given to charities. 

Scroll down to see how AFG rewards artists who participate. 

Let's Do Good.  Together. 

What We Do For Our Artists

  • We promise to feature you on our website for 30 - 45 days and then host your images and information indefinitely on our artist's page

  • Artists remains in possession of their art at all times & in the event the art does not sell after 45 days then ownership reverts back to the artist permanently

  • We will promote you across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more to bring awareness to your art

  • We protect your art with standard artist protection against duplication of your images upon purchase

  • We'll let you choose which charity you would prefer your receipt of art donation

  • Note: We are currently in the process of getting a 501c3 certification, in the meantime, all art will be considered gifts of love.

What we do for our artists

Art Donation Requirements

Art donation submissions need to provide the following:


  • Artists bio along with all social media links

  • An accurate description of artwork

  • Size of artwork

  • A minimum value of the artwork

  • A high-resolution photo of both the artist and their artwork 

Once Your Art Is Accepted

  • Artist guarantees to hold artwork for the 45 day duration of feature and sale

  • Artist agrees to a 20% voluntary donation in return for any art referral from AFG while hosted on the website

  • Artist will guarantee the delivery of artwork if sold and agree to ship the painting to the buyers' location within 3 business days

  • Artist will submit a receipt & tracking info for reimbursement within the same 3 business days. (AFG working on shipping account)

  • Artist will agree to match the equivalent posts, shares, tags, and possible interviews to promote AFG on the same platforms for the duration of art being promoted


Art Submission Form

Use the Form Below to Submit Your Art With Us!

Before uploading your artwork, please rename each file accordingly: Artwork 1, Artwork 2, and Artwork 3. Thank you! (This helps us stay organized with the files)

Artist Photo
Artwork 1
Artwork 2
Artwork 3

Thanks For Submitting! We Will be in Contact Soon!

Submission Form

Want To Be a Featured Artist?

See how AFG can help you too!

We LOVE artists! If you’re an artist that wants to help heal the world, we welcome your art submissions!  


AFG will do all we can to help promote and expose your talent in exchange for your donation.  We will respect and honor your art and continue to host your information as one of our artists for a full year in our gallery.


Let’s change the world together, one painting at a time.

Buy Some Art. Do Some Good.

Healing The World Through Art.

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