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Giving Their Art to AFG. AFG Selling it to You. You helping Us Heal the World.

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Below is more information on our featured artists that have donated their beautiful art paintings. Our art exhibition is full of beautiful paintings that will change the world. Help us heal the world one painting at a time. 

Do you want to know how to sell your art and join our artists online gallery? Start by submitting your art and could be a 

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Marion Evamy

Featured Artist

Pricing graciously discounted for Artists For Good. 100% profits go to charity!

Marion is inspired by joy, strength, boldness and humor and is equally intrigued by imperfection and exaggeration. “Creating an image to your own ideals is so much more fun – and interesting – and emotionally evocative.”


She works with exaggeration, symbolism and distortion, as well as shapes that are different and unexpected. Amazing color control gives her paintings power and strength, and the combination of bold hues, contrast and abstract design, depict her own feelings toward the subject matter. Marion has garnered numerous juried awards for her paintings, and more than one thousand Collectors around the globe, who resonate with her visions.

She signs all her paintings with her initials - “me!” – the exclamation mark is based on the adage, “live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.” Marion paints, runs her own gallery and resides in Sidney by the Sea, on Vancouver Island,  Canada.

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Pricing graciously discounted for Artists For Good. 100% profits go to charity!

Coming Soon!

Featured Artist

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If you would like to be a featured artists with Artists for Good, head over to our contact page and send us a message. We love working with artists and want to share your art for charity!

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Tanya Abel

Commissions & Abstracts

Tanya Abel is a self taught, award winning multi media artist that works primarily with acrylics and alcohol inks. She primarily does abstract and stylized pieces for her clients.  Tanya has the unique ability of tuning into what her clients really want and using her diverse experience to create the perfect piece for their home and office.


Because of this special skill and the excitement she gets from the collaborative process with her collectors, Tanya does paintings by commissions only.   You will find her most days, where she lives and works in her studio in San Diego CA with her husband and her two young adult children.

Contact Tanya Directly to see art in stock or if interested in a commission

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Tanya's Art Gallery

Tanya's Art Gallery

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Our Past Featured Artists Gallery

Art for sale from our past featured artists below go 100% to charity and any future purchases direct from artists will go to Artists For Good.

Sheryl Goodman