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Below is more information on our featured artists that have donated their beautiful art paintings. Our art exhibition is full of beautiful paintings that will change the world. Help us heal the world one painting at a time. 

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Alex Pearlman

Featured Artist

Pricing graciously discounted for Artists For Good. 100% profits go to charity!

Born and raised in San Diego, Alex has recently graduated from U of A in business, but this young artist and San Diego native was surrounded and inspired by art early on and has developed the passion to make this his career.  


Already successful, he is prolific with his inspired “Jiggy” Series that shows his unlimited inspiration to generate happiness and good energy through his work. Alex portrays characters from all denominations and backgrounds and believes that all individuals are unique and beautiful. He depicts them with an unlimited palette.


 Alex has a thriving collection of NFT’s that can be found under his name on opensea and has recently dropped the second 20 of his 100 piece series. 


Pricing graciously discounted for Artists For Good. 100% profits go to charity!

Featured Artist and Graphic Designer

Yahel Yah


Born and raised in Mexico City, Yahel graduated with a degree in Graphic Design but devoted herself to art and printmaking at an early age. Working primarily with oil, acrylics, and copper etchings, Yahel likes to express the unexpected and magic hidden in her art.  


She strives to create colorful happy art that brings joy to the viewer. A lot of people ask her why chairs? There is a common recurring theme in a lot of her art as she represents individuals and emotions using a common object, with personality and their own story to tell. She wants her audience to see the chair, not as an object but as something alive. 

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Tanya Abel

Commissions & Abstracts

Tanya Abel is a self taught, award winning multi media artist that works primarily with acrylics and alcohol inks. She primarily does abstract and stylized pieces for her clients.  Tanya has the unique ability of tuning into what her clients really want and using her diverse experience to create the perfect piece for their home and office.


Because of this special skill and the excitement she gets from the collaborative process with her collectors, Tanya does paintings by commissions only.   You will find her most days, where she lives and works in her studio in San Diego CA with her husband and her two young adult children.

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Art for sale from our past featured artists below go 100% to charity and any future purchases direct from artists will go to Artists For Good.

Ektor Rivera

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